House Bills Authored and Co-Authored that became laws for the 16th Congress


HB00031     REPUBLIC ACT RA10677 enacted on 2015-08-26

An act increasing the bed capacity of the Northern Mindanao Medical Center in Cagayan de Oro City, amending for the purpose Republic Act no. 7938, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes



HB00694    REPUBLIC ACT RA10649 enacted on 2014-11-27

An act increasing the burial assistance for veterans from ten thousand (p10,000.00) to twenty thousand pesos (p20,000.00), amending for the purpose republic act no. 6948, as amended, otherwise known as an act standardizing and upgrading the benefits for military veterans and their dependents

HB03575    REPUBLIC ACT RA10647 enacted on 2014-11-21

An act strengthening the ladderized interface between technical-vocational education and training and higher education

HB03766    REPUBLIC ACT RA10635 enacted on 2014-03-13

An act establishing the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) as the single maritime administration responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the 1978 International Convention on the standards of training, certification, and watch keeping for seafarers, as amended, and international agreements or covenants related thereto

HB04082    REPUBLIC ACT RA10642 enacted on 2014-07-15

An act strengthening consumer protection in the purchase of brand new motor vehicles

HB04553    REPUBLIC ACT RA10650 enacted on 2014-12-09

An act expanding access to educational services by institutionalizing open distance learning in higher education and appropriating funds therefor

HB04591    REPUBLIC ACT RA10687 enacted on 2015-10-15

An act providing for a comprehensive and unified student financial assistance system for higher and technical education, thereby rationalizing access thereto and appropriating funds therefor

HB04595    REPUBLIC ACT RA10644 enacted on 2014-07-15

An act promoting the development of micro, small and medium enterprises