Rufus Rodriguez with Kagay-anon Ms. Universe Ms. Pia Wurtzbach and Ms. Earth England Katrina Kendall

As Cagayan de Oro’s District 2 Congressman, Rufus Rodriguez exerted effort to honor fellow Kagay-anon Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach, the first Kagay-anon who won the prestigious beauty title.

Rufus Rodriguez authored House Resolution 2582 conferring the Congressional Medal of Distinction to Ms. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach for being crowned Ms. Universe 2015. This resolution was consolidated and approved by the House of Representatives via House Resolution 2583.

This video from shows Ms. Pia Wurtzbach receiving the Congressional Medal of Distinction in the House of Representatives. She is joined by Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Cagayan de Oro District 2 Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and ABAMIN party-list Congressman Maxie Rodriguez.

Rufus Rodriguez warmly welcomed Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach during her arrival at the House of Representatives and presented her with a copy of the House Resolution 2582. 

Rufus Rodriguez also honored Kagay-anon Ms. Katrina Kendall, Ms. England Earth 2015, when she was in Cagayan de Oro last February 13, 2016. He invited her to grace the Senior Citizens' Dance, "A Lovely Night with Team Rufus" held in Nazareth Gym. 

Ms. Kendall was born in August 1989 in England to a Kagay-anon mother and British father. With a passion for the environment and her academic rigor, she attained a first class masters degree from the University of Edinburgh specializing in Environmental and Sustainable Chemistry.

In March 2015, from hundreds of candidates, Katrina was selected to be Miss Earth South West London 2015. Then inAugust 2015 at the Miss Earth UK Grand Final, she was awarded Best Online Profile 2015 and placed Top 5 in the Eco-Interview round. She was then crowned Miss England Earth 2015.

She said she used to frequently come to Cagayan de Oro when she was younger and disclosed that they have a house in Bayabas and Mambuaya.

She is an advocate of education for young people to achieve environmental awareness and ultimately environmental protection.

When asked on her advice for the youth of Cagayan de Oro, she replied, "I would say to look for more ways to get involved. Making a difference in the world starts with yourself. So every day the choices that you make, make them eco-friendly choices that you could make a good impact to the world."

Both Ms. Universe Pia Wurtzbach and Ms. England Earth 2015 Katrina Kendall have given us Kagay-anons pride and joy for winning prestigious beauty titles and Rufus Rodriguez honored them both and gave them the warm Kagay-anon hospitality we are known for.