Team Rufus District 2 Candidates: Ready for Anything!

Team Rufus Harus District 2

We are qualified and ready to serve Cagayan de Oro's Kagay-anons. #TeamRufusHarus

Posted by Rufus B. Rodriguez on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Team Rufus Harus District 2 is a team of qualified and experienced professionals that have the heart to serve the Kagay-anons.

The people of Cagayan de Oro have already seen effective public service rendered by incumbent Cagayan de Oro District 2 Congressman Rufus Rodriguez, ABAMIN party list Congressman Maxie Rodriguez, Councilor Roger Abaday, Councilor Bong Lao, Councilor Eric Salcedo, Kapitan Omar Labuntog, Kapitan Aaron Neri and Kagawad Keith Paasa.

Congressman Rufus Rodriguez, being the action man that he is, has all the qualifications and traits of a good, honest and effective leader. He had served the good people of Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental as Vice Governor of Misamis Oriental in 1984-1986 and as Senior Board Member of Misamis Oriental from 1980-1984. Among his most noted and remembered contributions as a Cagayan de Oro District 2 Congressman includes billions worth of projects in Infrastructure, Health, Education, Environment, Employment and Agriculture. He is also known as the Congressman with the most number of House Bills that had been enacted into Law. He is a true Kagay-anon, having been born and raised here in Cagayan de Oro.   

Congressman Maxie Rodriguez of ABAMIN party list had co-authored 682 bills, assisted 10,101 students by giving them educational assistance, helped 55,043 families in Mindanao through medical, dental, blood letting and feeding programs, and gave 9,890 farmers and fisher folks livelihood. 

As a legislator,  Councilor Roger Abaday had authored and co-authored numerous legislative measures in the 15 th to 17th City Council pertaining to socio-economic services, order and public safety, education, health, infrastructure and environmental protection programs.  Councilor Bong Lao is the Chairman of the City Council Committee on Energy and as such, had been working for renewable and sustainable power sources for the city.  Councilor Eric Salcedo chairs the city’s Committee on Social Services, Entertainment of Regulatory Complaint Board, City Council for the Protection of Children.

Kapitan Omar Labuntog, as incumbent Barangay Captain of Lapasan had led his Lapasanons into winning the Most Child Friendly Barangay and Disaster Resilient Barangay.  Kapitan Aaron Neri is a 4 termer Barangay Captain of Macasandig, had been the President of Liga ng mga Barangay and had been awarded as the Most Outstanding Barangay Captain of Region 10 in 2007.

Kagawad Keith Paasa, Kagawad and Administrator of Barangay 13 is also the Co-Chair of Barangay Women Development Council and the founder of Alliance for the Empowerment of the Barangay Kagawads in Cagayan de Oro (Alebka).

Retired General Filipino Amoguis had served as Provincial Director of Agusan Sur and Davao Sur, Traffic Administrator of Cagayan de Oro City Roads and Traffic Administration, and had founded Patrol 117. He had written 8 books related to various topics about the Philippine National Police.

Attorney Adonis Gumahad and Attorney James Judith are currently the hosts of “Ang Balaod,” RMN-DXCC’s radio program. Atty. Gumahad had been elected as Barangay Councilor of Barangay 26 while Atty. Judith had been an active student leader during his college years.