Cong. Maxie Rodriguez for Congressman, District 2

Maxie Rodriguez

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Maxie Rodriguez for CDO


Position running for:

Congressman, 2nd District of Cagayan de Oro

Present Positions:

Abante Mindanao Partylist Representative 

Vice Chair for the Committee on Government Reorganization at the 16th Congress ; and a Member for Majority of the following eleven (11) Committees: Agrarian Reform; Agriculture and Food; Appropriations; Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources; East ASEAN Growth Area, Government Enterprises and Privatization, Information and Communication Technology; Mindanao Affairs; Peace, Reconciliation and Unity; People’s Participation, Reforestation and Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development.


To date, AbanteMindanao Party-list (ABAMIN) has sponsored/authored more than thirty-seven (37) major resolutions/bills and co-sponsored/co-authored more than six hundred eighty-two (682) bills/resolutions.

Of the bills he filed, fifteen (15) had become laws; fifty-seven (57) bills had been approved on third reading and are now in the Senate; ten (10) are adopted, eleven (11) are on the 2nd reading; one (1) on the 1st reading; two (2) submitted committee report, sixty-three (63) are substituted/consolidated; five hundred twenty-three (523) are in various technical working groups and committees in the house.

Through his advocacy on power, he caused the refund to many consumers in 2010 Nationwide of erroneously increased electric collection to many consumers

Awards Received

Top 3 Congressman Most Number of Bills/Resolutions Filed in the 15th and 16th Congress.

Awarded Most Outstanding Police Inspector Filed the Most Cases Against Erring Policemen in Region 10 – NAPOLCOM in 1987-2000

Awarded Most Outstanding Public Service - Apprehended Money-Launderers traveling to HK in the amount of 47 Million as Chief Operation Officer in Bureau of Customs (influenced Central Bank to limit the amount of money currency, peso on dollar brought abroad by travelers) in 2001

Seminars and Conferences

Attended the 9th General Meeting of the International Parliamentarian’s Coalition for North Korea Refugees and Human Rights in Seoul, South Korea last June 21-23, 2012

International Course on Law and Legal Protection in Natural Disasters in Sanremo, Italy, December 1 to 12, 2013

Guest speaker at the 2014 World Freedom Day Celebration and the WLFD, APLFD General Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, January 21 to 27, 2014


Active Member of Eagles Fraternity, Aquila Legis Law Fraternity, Knights of Columbus, Philippine Eagles, Guardians Brotherhood, Uptown Rotary, UP Alumni and Anak Barrio.

Other Work Experiences

Bureau of Customs

Bureau of Immigration 

National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM)